$5,383 in 11 Days From ONE Kindle Book!

Are you still struggling to make “job quitting” income online?

Are you tired of fighting tooth and nail just to make a couple sales on kindle?

Watch Me Outrank Tim Ferriss and Bring in $5,383 in 11 Days From ONE Kindle Book… In One Of The Most Competitive Markets On The Planet!

If you’ve been told you need to publish 5, 10, or 20+ books on kindle to make a full time income… you’ve been LIED to!

If you’ve been told you need a big following or massive advertising budget to hit #1 on kindle… you’ve been LIED to!

If you’ve been told you can’t compete with the biggest names in kindle publishing and come out on TOP… you’ve been LIED to!

I know this seems hard to believe, so let’s Get the proof out of the way.

The Following Results Are What I Achieved As A Dead-Broke Valet Parker – WITHOUT A Big List Or Advertising Budget!

Watch Me Outrank Tim Ferriss and Bring in $5,383 in 11 Days From ONE Kindle Book!

Why Is Making Big Money On Kindle So STUPID SIMPLE… Even For A Guy Like Me That’s Struggled With All The Other “Push Button” Systems?

No building a website! – Just upload a book and watch the cash come in each month!
No technical issues! – Never worry about taking credit card orders, potentially costly technical glitches, or delivery of any products!
No worrying about traffic! – Forget about messing with google and expensive paid advertising, let amazon deliver droves of hungry BUYER traffic to you – on autopilot!
No risk! – With the Free to low cost ways to get a book published and marketed on kindle you’ll learn in this course, you’ll never have to risk losing the shirt on your back to reach financial freedom!
But you may be wondering…

“If kindle is so great, why isn’t EVERYONE making tons of cash on kindle?”

I Can Tell You Right Now Over 97% Of People Publishing On Kindle Have NO IDEA What Really Works to Become A Bestseller!

Or even worse, they’ve only been given part of the picture.

You see, I went through so many different books and courses on kindle publishing that I thought I had it all “figured out.”

And I even had a little bit of success with my first major kindle book, but it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

So on a whim, I decided to write a second book and just have fun with it.

I downright IGNORED Many Things Gurus Taught Me I Should Focus On, And I Implemented A Few INGENIOUS Ideas That Originally Had Nothing To Do With marketing.

What happened next shouldn’t even be possible…

Several days after my initial promotion, I was ranking #1 in some of the most competitive categories on Amazon – “Weight loss” and “Healthy Living”

I Was Even Outselling Tim Ferriss Whose “4-Hour Body” Ranked A Few Slots Below My Book. In Fact – I Was Outselling Almost Every Major Book In The ENTIRE Non-Fiction Category Of Kindle!

Can you imagine how exciting it is to login on Amazon and see an avalanche of sales coming in every single hour?

Between December 21st through December 31st , I accumulated over $5,383 in royalties from ONE single kindle book.

In January, without doing any extra promotion, I raked in another couple grand and the sales always keep coming!

Oh, and by the way… that’s ONLY from US sales.

I made hundreds more in international sales over those 11 days as well. These are people I never even advertised to!

The Craziest Part About The Whole Thing Is How Downright EASY It Can Be For You To Kill It On Kindle… IF You Know The Insider Secrets Behind How Kindle Really Works!

Why did no one tell me this before?!

All the courses and gurus had me focusing on the WRONG things, or only gave me bits and pieces without creating a top to bottom blueprint for how to reach bestseller status.

This led to “average” sales because I was following the “average” advice most people are given.

While I’m so grateful I did eventually crack the code to kindle, I also got a little pissed it took me so long to figure this stuff out when I could have been doing this from DAY ONE!

So, I decided I would put together the course I WISH I had when I got into publishing on kindle.

I call it “Kindle Bestseller Secrets You Wish You Knew,” and I set out to make it the single BEST course on how to absolutely DOMINATE Kindle.

You’ll Discover The Exact Step-By-Step Blueprint I Used As A DEAD BROKE Valet Parker To Reach #1 Bestseller, Outrank The Toughest Competition, And DOMINATE Kindle!

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