Email Marketing Tycoon

Email Marketing Tycoon

Mission Critical Email Marketing

I know you either have a mailing list or you are planning on starting one soon…   Any online marketer worth their salt knows the value of a list, and I’m guessing you’re working damned hard to build yours…

But if you’re like most entrepreneurs, your numbers could probably do with some improvement.

Maybe you don’t have as many subscribers as you’d like yet? 

Or maybe the ones you do have don’t read as many of your messages as you’d expect.

Or WORSE they just don’t buy.

Whatever it is, you’re not alone. Nearly every list owner I’ve taught has struggled with those painful issues.

Here’s the thing… Your readers are already inundated with email. They Get it from family & friends, their boss, the stores they shop at, the vet, the power company, the bank, and the guy that ploughs their driveway. (And all that’s before we even talk about spam).

Before you can begin to improve your opt-in, open, and conversion rates, you have to identify the problem.

The trouble is, too many marketers simply make changes to their email campaigns without laying out a clear plan.

I call this the throw everything at the wall and see what sticks method, and sorry but it doesn’t work.
(In fact, it will only serve to make you more frustrated and confused than ever).

Instead, you need to attack your email marketing campaigns in a proven, step-by-step way that allows you to see exactly what your readers want and provide the messages they’re looking for…

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