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“I have so many of your products that I’ve lost count.”I have so many of your products that I’ve lost count. I’ve been on your webinars, and you always over-deliver on your free content and are patient with all questions. That says alot to me.


“I’ll be downloading for days.”I have never seen this much value at this low of a price point.

I’ll be downloading for days.

Thanks, Mike!

Heavy Jay

“This is an unbelievable deal”Oh my gosh! I can’t believe all this awesome stuff! This is an unbelievable deal, especially for someone like me who is still finding my way. Thanks so much!

Barbara Dowling

“Many thanks for that such an incredible offer.”Mike,

This is really awesome, i can’t believe this. I know it all worth more than $700, and i’m really lucky that i have it. Many thanks for that such an incredible offer. One other thing which is very important, you really over deliver. Not like other IM said and they just said on there sales page. I’m really very Happy Mike. Thanks for incredible help.


“A genuine marketer with excellent products”Great offer Mike. I have most, if not all of these and several more. Mike is a genuine marketer with excellent products. Well worth the price.


“Well worth the money!”OMG GOODNESS! Jammed pack madness here. Lots and Lots of stuff, excited as can’t wait to start marketing them. Gonna take days to build all my sales pages lol. Thank you well worth the money.

Tolly Bear

“One of the best WSOs I’ve ever purchased!”Hi Mike,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thanks for putting together such a great product with Niky Ray. I had actually cancelled my membership on the Warrior Forum, but after going through your course, I think I’m going to re-join, just so that I can write a testimonial for you and implement the promotional strategies you outlined.

This really is one of the best WSOs I’ve ever purchased. You’re charging way too little for this information! Thanks again!



“Always promise to over-deliver!”Mike,

I’ve been on your list a for a while and bought products from you and they are all excellent. You are a man of integrity and always promise to over-deliver, which you do in every instance.



“Straight to the goodies”Mike’s done it again!!!

But is there really anything more to say than GO GET IT!

Well done Mike, Neat, Clean, Crisp salespage as usual AND straight to the goodies.


Keep em coming.

Will D

“Looking forward to reading it”Mike,

When I saw your name and the price…I jumped right in without bothering to read the rest of the sales copy, lol.

Looking forward to reading it.


“Mike’s products are awesome!”Mike’s products are awesome, so I’ve just went ahead and bought it without even looking at the sales page!

“Keep rocking man!”Keep rocking man.


“Keep up the good work!”Hey Mike,

This looks good,and I got in at a great price, much cheaper than the last product i bought from you.

Keep up the good work, and the low prices, ok.



“You always over-deliver!”Hi Mike,

As a happy customer of some of your previous products, I am sure to learn something great from you, as you always over-deliver.

Just eager to see what will come out next week: certainly a workable path to success!

Kind regards from France,


aka NetDame

“High quality training and an awesome value!”Mike…

You’ve really got to slow down with all these great products… I can’t keep up with all the great training. Just got your PLR training package last week from your webinar.You always provide high quality training and an awesome value.

Thanks man!

“JUST GET IT!”Warriors, If you are thinking of getting this then JUST GET IT! Mike’s stuff is Quality with a ‘Q’.

The price does not reflect what you will get from Mike’s products. I’m just downloading mine.

“Already ROI’ed ten times on it!”Another awesome offering Mike, just want to let you know I picked this up this morning and already ROI’ed ten times on it.

And that’s just from the bonus!

Sweet deal

God Bless,


“All good quality and value!”This is a really informative tutorial thanks Mike … The upsell is nicely priced for the job it does. I’ve got a good set of training products from you now and they are all good quality and value

cheers mate

I’ll be back !


“Worth 100 times what you pay for it!”If you know Mike Cowles, you have good taste. It’s a privilege to know this man. If Mike says you can do it, you can do it. In fact, you can do anything you if you put your mind to do it. Put your mind on this project and you have a tool that’s worth 100 times what you pay for it. The proof is in the doing. You can do this.

The only way this product doesn’t work is if you don’t do it.

Frank Harris

“Another GREAT product!”Sorry Mike

I saw this and my exact words were “…. XXXXX is he crazy”

Another GREAT product at a yet again CRAZY price!

Keep em coming Mike.

God bless


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