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In Kindle Publishing Unleashed, veteran marketer and best-selling author Lilly Sage walks you step by step through the process of publishing a book for Kindle at and reveals her in-depth secrets for driving your book onto the best-seller list.

“Lilly’s book walked me step by step through the publishing my book for Kindle, I was surprised how quickly it became a best seller!”

“I can’t believe it’s this easy – THANK YOU LILLY SAGE!”

“I’ve always wanted to publish my own book and Lilly Sage showed me exactly how to do it.”

“Wow, this is an incredibly comprehensive guide…it just covers EVERYTHING!”

Lilly describes each of these things in depth:

- How to choose a book topic

- What software to use when writing your book

- How to format your book

- How long your book should be

- How to create or purchase a cover for your book

- How to pick a cover that SELLS

- How to promote your book through Amazon’s KDP program

- How to price your book for optimal sales

- How to make the Amazon royalty system work for you

- How to bundle books and why you should

- How to pick an Amazon category for your book

- How to pick keywords for your book and why it’s important

- How tagging works

- How to get reviews

- How to get verified Amazon purchasers to review before buying

- How to optimize your book description on

- How to create an author homepage on

- How to create an author blog

- Super secret selling techniques to drive sales like mad

- How Author Rank works

- How the Best-Seller ranking system works and how to play it

- How to create a readership following for your books

- How to create a series of books and link them together

- How to Stack Promotions

- Whether to add your book to the Kindle Lending Library

- How to leverage social media like Facebook and Twitter

- How to leverage Reviews to the fullest

- How to promote your book outside of

- How to publish a physical book and why it’s so important

- How to optimize the “Look Inside” feature at Amazon

and much much more…

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