Offline Email Doctor System

Offline Email Doctor System

My name is Zesh and I love making money. Whether its OFFLINE or ONLINE I have an addiction of making money online. The beauty of working for yourself is that you are in control of your life.

In my latest wso I am going to show you a great way to make money from offline business owners by offering a brand new email management service to business owners. No one has really talked about this before, despite the number of people selling offline products online!

This is one of the most simplest and easiest ways to make money from offline business owners by offering a simple solution to an existing problem that needs addressed!

Most offline business owners have some sort of “mailing list” or newsletter function on their website – but they actually know how to create a targeted email marketing campaign? Or are they simply spamming their customers!?? The Offline Email Doctor system solves this problem by providing a simple solution to this!

This method can be used to target almost any business owner in any part of the world, and all you need to do is offer them my email doctor system that they cannot say no to. If you are a marketing consultant then you must be crazy not to be doing this!

The great thing about this system is that you do NOT need to do any face to face selling, or cold calling. You can easily offer this system to virtually ANY business owner that has a website.

This technique is simple and once you discover how to implement this you will be amazed as to the level of response you Get from offline business owners – because THEY NEED THIS service, whether they like it or not!

In this WSO I am going to reveal my exact step-by-step strategy on how to get started and exactly what to do. There are screenshots and examples where I show you how I find these clients and how I offer this email marketing service to offline business owners.

Also the great thing is that this whole technique can be outsourced - so you can save yourself a lot of time!

In this WSO I show you exactly how to go about finding potential offline clients, and then offering them this service, through my copy and paste swipe files.

I reveal my exact secret in getting clients to say yes to my Email Doctor Service, and show you how you can make recurring income from these businesses!

This is a simple, NO BRAINER approach in getting offline clients and making an easy $97.00 per month, from them!

The Offline Email Doctor System Is A Simple, Step By Step Method Of Making Money From Offline Business Owners, By Offering Them A Unique Email Service, That Is A Requirement For Any Business!

The Swipe Files Focus on the Following.

1. The “Trouble Technique” Swipe
2. The “AWOL Technique” Swipe”
3. The “Doctor” Swipe

The Entire Offline Email Doctor System Is A 100% No Brainer Method. It Is A Method That Is Ideal For Any Newbie Offline Consultant Wanting To Make Money In This Field. This WSO Has The Perfect Solution You Can Provide For Business Owners, In Any Niche!

In the Swipe Files I show you EXACTLY what to say and how to go about getting these offline clients. These are easy to use Swipe files that will get your foot in door!

In this WSO I also show you how to implement this system, and take it one step further using a SECRET SOURCE - this secret source is a HUGE TIMESAVER and will amaze you...

The Offline Email Doctor System Is A Very Unique Way Of Offering Your Own Email Marketing Management Service To Offline Business Owners. All You Do Is “Plug In” My Simple Emails And Make Money From Offline Businesses.

In this WSO (Main Guide), I will show you how to use the Offline Email Doctor Method(Step-by-Step) on ANY niche and how to find these clients and offer this service, the very same day!

I will show you the exact step-by-step approach I use, including how to use the swipe files.

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