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[Sales Funnel Ninja] List Building Software With PLR – Perfect For Affiliates In Any Niche!


Originally Posted by Kate Luella View Post
Hi Coby, I have to say I just bought this simple software, and to make it PLR is amazing – and it is so easy to use, I love it! Thanks, Kate


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Great software, no brainer price. I’m sold!


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Bought this and already registered 2 websites for it, excellent software, got big ideas for it.


Originally Posted by paulpower View Post
What can I say?

A piece of software so simple to use, that even me, a complete
clown can use?
Yep, thanks Coby, after you managed to sort out the issues re the
brander, I am now using it for three projects, that I think will
be a perfect fit for this.

If you are sitting on the fence, stop getting splinters, and get this now,
and the brander while it’s cheap.

Take Care,


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Just picked up this product. Great software program, Coby.



Originally Posted by Daniel Elss View Post
What a steal at the price. This will be great for adding more to my list as well as a nice little gift for current subscribers. Thanks again


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Nice Piece of Software, easy to handle and the Results are all editable to change things like the Video Preview Image to an animated. Rico

See A Demo Of A Completed Funnel Here
Download A Demo Copy Of The Software Here

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Default Re: [Sales Funnel Ninja] List Building Software With PLR – Perfect For Affiliates In Any Niche!


Reserved For FAQ

Q.) Does this work on a Mac?

A.) No. This is a PC based software.

Q.) Are there any upsells?

A.) Yes. There is one upsell. It is a bundle of 3 list building products. You don’t need these products to work with the front end product. This is only for those that want to learn my list building secrets.

Q.) Will this be in the MIMC membership?

A.) Yes simply log in to the membership and download it from the product vault.

Q.) Are there any help videos?

A.) Yes. You will find product specific videos on the download page. You can find generic help videos that you can use for your customers at

Q.) The software doesn’t run – it opens then closes after a few seconds…

A.) You MUST unzip the software in order for it to work properly. Also, extract it to its’ own folder rather to a shared folder like your desktop. Some times there could be a similar program on your desktop that could interfere.

Q.) Can we see a demo funnel?

A.) Yes, just visit

Q.) Is there a demo of the software?

A.) Yes. I have videos on the sales page above or you can download a demo version at

Q.) Can I change the help tab? If so, is there a video for that and where?

A.) Yes. This is done with the branding software. The video for this is on download page as it’s “product specific”. You can also change the name of the software, the name of the author, the about url and the background image. It’s all in the same video.

Q.) Can we change the resources tab?

A.) No, this can’t be edited. But this will be removed with the Version 1.8 update.

Q.) What if I get a virus alert?

A.) This is a false positive. This happens with new software simply because it hasn’t built up a reputation yet. I can assure that the software is clean and you can feel safe downloading and installing it.

Q.) If this is PLR, can I put my name on it and give it as part of my product?

A.) Yes, you can do as you please with the software you create with the brander. As for the actual brander itself you can’t sell or give it away. That’s only for you to use. If you give away the brander that would kinda ruin the point for you as you wouldn’t have any links or branding in the software.

To purchase simply click on PAYPAL BUY NOW button and you will be taken to the PayPal Online Payment Processor. Download is almost immediate upon successful payment online Via PayPal

If you do not have a PayPal account, REGISTER HERE

Price: 7.00 USD

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