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Attention All Warrior Members,

Fact: Number 1 listings on Google get 42.25% of all click-throughs. Number 2 on Google gets 11.94%. Number 3 on Google gets 8.47%. Number 4 on Google gets 6.05%. Number 5 and under get just under 5% of the total traffic. Clearly, your website needs to be in the top three positions on Google to make a substantial amount of income.

Been dinged by Penguin or Panda and still trying to boost your website to the first page of Google? Your not the only one. Lot’s of websites have been slapped and webmasters and SEO‘s are scrambling to get to the tops of Google. This means you will get lots of residual income. No matter what Google algorithm update rolls out you’ll be fine. Learn tactics of a seasoned SEO and boost your organic traffic by 300%.

Tired of purchasing backlink packages, hiring SEO companies for thousands of dollars per month, and seeing little to no ROI? Tired of spending 100+ hours a week on your website and SEO! Have you wasted hundreds or even thousands of dollars on Adwords and cut your losses?

First, a little bit about me. I am Garen Arnold the CEO and owner of Dead Dog Design Inc. I have 4+ years of online marketing experience. I have developed affiliate niche related sites that have generated six figures a year. I finally, got tired of reading the forums, reading rehashed content, and witnessing countless “gold mine” guides that were geared to take your money and promise you the world.

There Are A Plethora of “Get Rich Quick” Scams On The Net & This Guide Will Put Your Mind At Ease

Secret SEO Information:

• Proper Onpage Optimization
• Destroy Your Competitors
• Build Natural Anchored Text
20 Rock Solid Backlink Building Strategies
• Recover From Loss of Rankings
• Promoting And Working WIth Good Affiliate Managers
• Rock Solid Step-by-Step Strategies

Fact: SEO is not hard; it’s just a boring and tedious process. SEO companies charge 300-500 per hour for a consultation. That’s more than doctors and lawyers. I actually went incognito and talked with countless reputable SEO companies that wouldn’t tell me beans about their tactics.

Wasted thousands of dollars per month on PPC not even breaking even with my ROI. Witnessed first hand, clients who have been ripped off by SEO companies, which nearly collapsed their businesses. I have spoken with SEO companies that used Blackhat tactics and once algorithm changes rolled out packed up and moved on.

It’s a dog eat dog world and lots of SEO companies will save their authority backlinks exclusively for themselves, and practically steal money out of your pocket. The end result is your paying more and more just to be put up against them.

This Business Model Will Change Your Life

Imagine working 10-12 hours on your website and watching them soar to the tops of Google. Living your financial dream doesn’t mean you have to spend endless hours in front of the computer. In fact, you can rinse and repeat and move on to bigger and better things.

Does this eBook show you exactly what to do?
Yes, chapter 7 is geared towards a full hands on approach to what you should be doing. Ignore everything else out there because you will have a tried and tested method that will keep you working efficiently without flushing your money down the toilet. There is a 10 week program that shows you exactly what to do. It’s just up to you to make sure you get it done.

Is this another rehashed article marketing eBook?
Hell no! When I hear article marketing I think of 6-7 years ago when that tactic alone seemed to work. I am not stating that article marketing is no longer effective if done correctly, but so often people will abuse it, and actually do more harm to their site than good. There are a number of programs that drip feed, auto submit, spin content, and people still buy into it years after Panda was rolled out.

What inspired you to write this eBook?
That’s actually a great question! Over the years I have seen businesses use some really unethical tactics. Actually, consider to be criminal, and Blackhat SEO can have great legal ramifications. Think of it this way; if your trusting a company to do something on your behalf that will effect your business in the long term shouldn’t they be representing you in an ethical way?

I do like to write and if I can write about something I know and will help others I really don’t see it as work. I have dedicated 4+ years of my life perfecting SEO and have learned so much valuable knowledge. Honestly, I just got fed up with all the junk floating around the internet that is supposed to make you the next Charlie Sheen overnight. People get so caught up in their self image online and it’s actually quite sad that people develop these programs which are actually closely related to ponzi schemes.

Actually, in the beginning of my career I met people that just wanted to take advantage of me for not knowing everything. I did a site for $600 poured countless hours into writing for someone that really just tried to come off as the honest hard working American, but later once I started chatting more with him I found out all he cared about was making himself money and taking advantage of others. It really help ignite the fire inside me and pushed me to level I am at today.

Aside from that I met people that really were great and helped me so much along the way. To this day I remember working for them and having a lot of respect for them. Now we are friends, not just business partners and it’s the people that I really want to associate my business with. There is the good and bad you just have to weed out the bad influences and focus on the positive influences with your online business.

Why Do So Many Online Marketers Fail?
The short answer is they are lazy and don’t understand that your going to have to work hard for keywords that get a massive amount of traffic. Often times when I talk to people on the phone they want to go for the home run right out of the gate. That’s fine if you want to try to rank for very competitive keywords, but you have to understand to do it correctly your going to have to invest years and years of work into your online business. I am a competitive person by nature, but sometimes just starting smaller can help build momentum for the future.

Is This eBook Geared Towards Newbies?
Yes and No. Yes, because it will point you in the right direction if you don’t know anything at all. Some content that is not covered in this eBook is how to setup a website, and technical web hosting related content. I mostly talk about SEO and what you need to do on your website and how to build strong backlinks to your website. There is some content which will show you how to setup Webmaster Tools, WordPress, ect. The focal point is on SEO though.

Intermediate to advanced internet marketers will find the information golden. Remember after reading this eBook it’s in your hands and you control your own destiny. I have a 30 day money back guarantee that I firmly stand by if you believe this eBook didn’t teach you anything of value.


The Tools Are There It’s Up To You


Let me ask you a question. Are you going to keep hiring businesses to jerk you around while you could easily do what they do? The valuable information packed inside this eBook will raise the bar on SEO and give you an upper hand against anyone who stands in your way.

P.S. Page 25, shows you how to get authority links and many more natural links.
P.S. Page 30, shows you how to get a 100 DA (domain age) backlink.
P.S. Page 42, shows you how to get 30 links easily.

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