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As you well know, SEO is a war. An ongoing slug fest with google, Yahoo, and Bing.
As well as with your competitors.

Never ending. Always new challenges… Are you exhausted? Ready to give up and throw in the towel?

I would not blame you if you are ready to give up…

Google has been releasing updates in rapid-fire succession — Panda, Penguin, and EMD. Who knows what is next? One thing is certain, Google will keep up the pressure and will continue making algorithm updates that go after web masters like you and me.

And whatever they release next, it is not going to be a pretty sight…
It sure would be nice if you could Get some kind of protection from all these updates for your sites, right? What you need:

Edu Dynamite
The right kind of backlinks that tell Google your site has high value and quality,

The signals Google watches for to rank your site for your keywords,

The right combination of authority, page rank, and importance flowing to your pages,

… And all of that for a small time investment and low price!


Simply — EDU DYNAMITE teaches you how to quickly find backlink opportunities on these super powerful sites, and how to avoid the sites abused by spammers, by finding your own sites that are not in any over-used backlink packets!

Armed with this information, you are then be able to increase the ranking power of your web sites and grab the place your site deserves in the Google search results. Your ranking will be strong enough to also withstand attacks from competitors using both traditional
and negative SEO tactics!

With the methods described in the ebook, you can even find so called Niche relevant backlinking opportunities.

That is, the pages from which you backlink to your site can be about the same niche as your site, and the links have anchor text that is also relevant to your site. This is ultra powerful and EDU DYNAMITE shows you how to go about finding
these niche relevant backlinking opportunities!

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