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From: George Katsoudas

Hey what’s up?

Try this experiment:

Ask 100 random people on the street: “Are you familiar with sites like Youtube.com and EzineArticles.com?”

Most people will say: “OF COURSE I know Youtube – I spend 2 hours a day there! What was that other site you mentioned?”

According to Alexa.com, EzineArticles.com is the 110th most popular site online (which isn’t bad) – HOWEVER Youtube is the 3rd most popular site…

Most people HATE reading. Even when they want to learn about something, they still prefer “edutainment” (education+entertainment) over “plain info”

The problem is that finding good videos and adding them to your site constantly can be a really tedious process. It takes a lot of time and energy.

So, even though I knew that this was a great idea, I was still not doing it, because I was busy with other things.

So, I decided to have a WordPress plugin created that would automate the entire process.

Check out the video above for a walk-though of the plugin.

I don’t want to hype this or make outrageous claims. Right now, video is where it’s at.If you understand how powerful video content is, then you know how valuable this is.

If you want to own the plugin, just click the order button.

It’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You will only pay for it, If it helps you get more traffic and conversions.

So, click the order button, download the plugin and let me know how it works for you.

Thanks and talk soon :-)

- George Katsoudas

List of AutoTubePress Features
- and How They Help You:

Extremely SIMPLE and intutive. Everything-above-the-fold admin panel. You can’t screw it up, even if you try (seriously). Help hover popups are available in every function of AutoTubePress.

Enter a list of keywords to gather videos from. You can include double quotes for an “exact match” search

Enter a list of categories to post the videos under. AutoTubePres can also create new categories on the fly from the keywords you entered.

Optional negative keyword list so that you won’t get irrelevant videos on your blog.

For example, if you have a blog about “Microsoft Windows“, you can exclude terms like “fiberglass”, “aluminum” etc, to make sure you don’t get videos about windows used on houses.

Include video comments or not: Select whether you want the youtube video comments to be included in the posts or not (or let the plugin do it randomly for some posts and not for others)

Include video description or not: Select whether you want the youtube video description to be included in the posts or not (or let the plugin do it randomly for some posts and not for others)

Automatic on-page SEO: The plugin automatically set’s the video’s title as the blog post‘s title. It also sets the youtube video tags as the new blog post’s tags. It also populates the keyword and description meta tags.

Select the posting schedule. From 4, 7, 10, 15, 20 times every week.

NO related videos shown when each video ends. This is done to make sure that the visitor doesn’t lose focus and has a higher chance of converting to a customer.

Ability to add HTML before the video, between the video and the description – or even after the description. That way you can add calls to action like Click here to see the product we recommend.”

You CAN add your own content (or modify existing posts) whenever you want. The plugin won’t hold your blog “hostage.”


Special report #1: “How to find the best categories for your autoblog…”

The categories you select can make the difference between getting very little traffic and becoming a “playa” in your niche super fast.

Good news: Almost everyone is doing this worng! I’ll show you how to do it right. Selecting the right categories for your autoblog is science as much as art.

Special report #2: “How to find a great domain name fast…”

Domain names can make or break your blog. Google gives a lot of weight to what the name of your domain is.

Sounds simple but it’s true.

In this special report, you’ll discover how to find the available keyword rich domains super fast!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Download Auto Tube Press. If for any reason (or no reason at all) you think it’s not the simplest wordpress plugin you ever used (or it’s just not right for you), just let me know within 60 days and you’ll get your money back…

Plus, you get to keep the plugin and use it. I’m so confident that it will save you hundreds of hours of tedious work. I love my customers and I want you to be happy… :-)


“A must have tool for any blogger’s toolbox…

This is a great plugin to drip feed your blog with relevant video and written content. A must have tool for any blogger’s toolbox…

Victor Sampson

“easy to install

This is a very nice plugin, easy to install, easy to make it work and I’ll definetely include it my WordPress sites.

If you’re looking for a plugin that you can use to set up a niche site in just minutes than this is the one that you need!

Eric Koch
RankingsFrenzy.com your SEO membership club

“very cool

This Youtube Video plugin is very cool. It’s the easiest thing to install for starters. But the main thing is, it lets you build auto-video blogs in no time at all.

The posts will be SEO optimized, you can have youtube comments added (drip fed!) to your blog comments, set a schedule for how many posts you want per day or per week, basically totally set and forget it.


“it will save you hours”

If your into video blogs this is the only plugin you will need to put them on complete auto pilot.

If you just want to add videos to your posts this will definitely up your ratings and save you hours looking for videos.

Robert McLaughlin

“awesome plugin”

George have done a great work in putting this awesome plugin together and I’ve been using this for a while. Have to say really grab the targeted videos and tag them really well (SEO optimised).

Vinod Kumar Jadge


“you solved my problem in seconds”

Right stuff in the right time, i was worried with gathering lot of you tube videos for my site on a constant basis and you solved my problem in seconds.

Great plugin for making video autoblog, would love to make one soon.

Dr. Shoeb Ahmed Ansari,
Dental Care Forum: http://www.todentalcare.com/forum
Dental Care Blog: http://www.todentalcare.com

“Very SEO friendly”

I set up a private blog just to test this plugin, just bringing in Youtube stuff I was interested in so I could screen it and then add it maybe to one of my sites.

This plugin is awesome! It brings in the stuff that others don’t like the tags and stuff. Very SEO friendly. I need to probably check the privacy settings on that “feeder” blog before it starts getting indexed for these vids!

I haven’t used it properly yet, but I’m impressed.

Steve http://triadmediaconsulting.com/


This is incredible what a great plugin!

Rob www.hundreddollarsaday.net

“You make it easy to accomplish something that’s so powerful”

I’ve used A LOT of WordPress plugins and I really like yours! You make it easy to accomplish something that’s so powerful.

Travis – http://dialseo.com/

“seriously impressed with the ease of use and the end result.”

I downloaded this plugin the other day and used it last night. I’m wrapped :-) I haven’t yet worked on all the ins-and-outs but I am seriously impressed with the ease of use and the end result.



“Will help me massively with my blogs”

Brilliant plugin george, THANKS.

Will help me massively with my blogs


Gary Lee Steweart

“fantastic and almost idiot proof”


This is fantastic and almost idiot proof

I have just added it to my wordpress plugin test site, this is a site with a stupid amount of plugins installed. I use it to test any plugin before I release it onto my sites.

The only advice I have for anyone using this is to remember to allocate a category for each keyword you do a search on, otherwise your default category will be used.

I got 46 videos post scheduled in 5 minutes, with tags. I do not have to do anything to these posts.


Igor Griffiths

“The one thing I like about you is your commitment to service and the personal touch”

Hey George,

Yep, I uploaded that 1.44 version of the software. It works perfectly. YOU ARE THE MAN!

There are a lot of guys out here marketing a lot of different products. The one thing I like about you is your commitment to service and the personal touch the to use a lot of marketing companies can’t do that.

I think the personal touch that you have. Is your niche in the market.

Again thank you for all of your help.

Kent McKinnon

Personal License: $47:
(You can use it on unlimited sites you own)

To purchase simply click on PAYPAL BUY NOW button and you will be taken to the PayPal Online Payment Processor. Download is almost immediate upon successful payment online Via PayPal

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Price : 47.00

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