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Enjoy Better Looking Posts and Pages in Seconds

Shortcode Domination is a premium WordPress plugin, which adds professionally designed graphicsto your blog posts via shortcode.

Take advantage of a wide variety of predesigned graphics that you can modify to suit your needs. WordPress blogs have pages that need to be updated on a regular basis.

You could pay an overpriced web designer to build these pages… or you could easily create high-quality page designs with Shortcode Domination in seconds.

Access Shortcodes from One Easy-to-Use Button

You never have to memorize a WordPress shortcode again! You can access all of the shortcodes included with Shortcode Domination from one easy-to-use button in the visual editor.

The Shortcode Domination button

Customize Your Theme without Learning Code

Learning to customize WordPress themes can be quite a challenge for non-coders, but Shortcode Domination makes it easy for anyone to customize a WordPress theme without learning code.

Now you can customize your WordPress themes like a pro, even if you have zero knowledge of HTML, JavaScript or CSS. Just click the Shortcode Domination button in the visual editor, select your shortcode, add details, and hit insert. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Shortcode Domination - Customize Theme Example

See a Live Preview as You Customize Shortcodes

You can check out an interactive live preview as you’re creating graphics in Shortcode Domination. Simply click the “preview” button to view the graphic before inserting the WordPress shortcode into the post/page.

Shortcode Domination - Live Preview Example

Improve Your SEO and Rank Higher in Google

Far too often, websites are littered with graphics that offer little to nothing in terms of SEO benefit. After all, search engines cannot index the text in graphics. Or, at least, this used to be the case.

Now, thanks to Shortcode Domination, it’s entirely possible to create graphics with any heading tag you want. Needless to say, this benefits your site’s search engine friendliness.

Shortcode Domination - Heading Tag Example

More Than One Hundred Graphics to Customize

Shortcode Domination includes: 15 modules of the most impressive, customizable, awe-inspiring shortcodes ever created! Each module features a number of custom styles that will help your WordPress website stand out even further. Change colors, text and icons on the fly in Shortcode Domination!

100% Compatible with Other Shortcode Plugins

When WordPress themes and plugins use shortcodes with the same name, it causes conflict. With Shortcode Domination, you can avoid conflicts by renaming shortcodes to ensure that each shortcode has a unique name. You can also rename a shortcode to something that’s easier to remember.

Load Google Web Fonts from Shortcode Domination

Google fonts have been added to Shortcode Domination, so you can change the default fonts without learning code. This allows you to select from a number of fonts that are available for use on your website under an open source license and served by Google servers. In just a few steps, Shortcode Domination allows you to add custom typography to your graphics. It’s really simple!

Save Time and Money with Shortcode Domination

Stop wasting your time uploading graphics to WordPress. Start creating, editing and customizing graphics from WordPress that you’d swear were made in Photoshop. That’s right… no more trips to Photoshop!

If you’d also like to stop paying overpriced web designers… and… you’d like to start creating professionally designed graphics in the fastest amount of time humanly possible… then I believe Shortcode Domination will make your life dramatically better.

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Version 1.6 – December 3, 2012

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