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 Wp-AmaZingCart- Amazon Affiliates Software


WP-AmaZingCart is an Amazon Associates Product Powered E-Commerce WordPress Plugin that turns any Amazon Associates website into an Amazon Product Powered E-Commerce Marketplace.


The plugin uses an “Add To Cart” feature, which allows the visitor to add multiple items to your  cart  and, in the background to their Amazon Shopping Cart, without leaving the affiliates site until they are finished with their shopping.


The plugin can be automated, semi-automated, or not automated at all.


It integrates beautifully with most Amazon Auto blogging tools, like Amaz-One, and the ‘Search’ Function allows visitors to not only search Amazon without leaving the affiliates’ website.  A simple search box allows the visitor to query whatever they are looking for, and the plugin then generates an entire page of choices, all of which also employ the “Add To Cart” feature, allowing the visitor again, to select multiple items, added to the cart on the associates as well as working in the background to add to the visitors Amazon shopping cart.


When WP-AmaZingCart is used, it also extends affiliate cookie life to 90 Days.


About Danielle



Danielle entered the Internet Marketing Industry as a ghostwriter and direct response copywriter. She began building niche sites in 2008, and in 2010 she published her first book, ‘Cash Paid Daily,’ a guide to finding freelance work online.  In 2011, Danielle decided to try her hand at marketing products via the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.


“I started experimenting with the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program in the fall of 2011 when a tip on ‘traffic’ from my mentor coincided with a new software plugin I got for doing product research and creating posts with comparison charts.  I wanted to test the traffic source, and I got a lot of traffic from it, but I also made a lot of bonehead rookie mistakes, so even thought I got a ton of traffic, I didn’t make any money.


But seeing the traffic told me that the traffic source was viable, now I just had to do the other stuff right, and I should start making money.  Well I did.  It wasn’t a lot of money because I was testing small niches…


Then I got sidetracked.  In early 2012 I decided it was time to build ‘authority’ sites in broad markets.  I needed a plugin that would allow my visitors to select multiple items from my site, without leaving my site until they had everything they needed.  I turned to Jay Vasdewani…”


About Jay


Jay is a software development specialist. Jay is the guy behind the auto-blogging tool Amaz-One, and several other WP plugins. Jay has developed desktop software apps, and even mobile app.


“When Danielle asked me to develop this product, I was excited.  It was just after the Google Penguin update had shaken the affiliate marketing world to the ground.  Gone were the days of one-page/post, one-product, and thin affiliate sites.  Now if you wanted to compete, you needed to be an authority e-commerce store.


I could see how powerful this plugin was going to be and so I was excited to be working on it with Danielle.  When we were even more thrilled when we discovered that by using a ‘shopping cart’, our plugin would extend cookie life to 90 days, instead of the usual 24 hour hours.  We added the ‘search feature’ to allow visitors to search for other products populating the sties with a page full of more products that visitors can ‘Add To Cart.”

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