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It’s a fact, that if the question in the websites visitor’s mind isn’t answered, they will simply move on to the next website for the answer! FIGHT to keep the client interacting on your website today! Just having a contact form on your website is not cutting it anymore. You need something more!



The all in one proactive live chat plugin for WordPress. We help you take the power of a live chat system, and pair it with WordPress seamlessly. With this plugin, there are NO monthly fees for live chat services like most of the other live chat plugins charge you! Just simply install the plugin and you have a powerful live chat proactive system live instantly on your site. Begin taking live chat requests NOW!

There are other free options for WordPress live chat plugins that simply don’t compare to the features and benefits of WP Easy Chat plugin. While most allow you to chat, they lack the privacy of a single chat session per site visitor. They also don’t allow you to be emailed or texted when someone is chatting with you live on your site! Our plugin allows you to instantly be notified when someone is trying to chat with you, by either email or text! All of the chat sessions are monitored in the backend of your WordPress website. Each chat history is saved, and can be viewed at any time. How cool is that!!

Custom branding within your chat? Of COURSE! We built this plugin to be quick to setup, and easily customizable to reflect the site it is installed on. Simply use our template to create a custom chat screen, with your branding! Now you look like a professional, and your live chat matches!Watch-This-Video

  • 3 Types of Chat Options – Floating Button Style, In Content Button Style, and anywhere
  • Instant Notification via Text or E-mail you decide!
  • Auto Scrolling aka Chat Window Option
  • Audible Notification System
  • Automatic Archiving (History)
  • List Item
  • Customizable Chat Window Branding Options
  • Customizable Automatic Greeting Options
  • Auto focus on Message Box
  • Proactive Chat Timer – Allows you to ask the current visitor if they want to chat
  • Online / Offline Mode with Away Message
  • Floating chat window for in-site chat (user can still browse site, chat always hovers)
  • Chat window remembers your session if you accidentally close the window
  • Offline Notification Settings (sends notification elsewhere when offline)
  • Offline messaging option for collecting dynamic fields (name, email, phone, etc.)
  • Numbered conversations and history separated into pages
  • Previous and Next buttons while viewing an archived conversation
  • “Need Help? CHAT NOW” button will show current online/offline status

Ok, so the plugin is great, but how can I make money with this with some of my clients or with my own services? 

  • Charge a monthly fee to have this plugin installed on their website. You simply can set a fee, and your client will have to pay you to keep the live chat installed on their site! Awesome right!??
  • Start your own live chat software business on your own. Simply get a site up and sell live chat services. How powerful is that? Sky is the limit to the amount of clients you could be collecting monthly checks from!
  • Use it on your own websites to provide excellent customer service and increase conversions of your website visitors who have questions. Obviously this is the MAJOR advantage of this plugin!


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