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 WPLockz – Make Moneyith any Blog

 If You Haven’t Been
As Successful Online As You’d Like,
Despite Doing Everything
The Marketing Ebooks And Courses Teach,

WPLockz Is For You!



*Now updated for WP Version 3.0

What is WPLockz ?


WPLockz is an inexpensive, powerful “code breaker” style plugin for WordPress  that gives blog owners the capability to easily monetize their content by combining the tools that make the new web work with the simplicity of WordPress.

This Easy-To-Use, but powerful tool offers:

  • Simple Content Protection customization
  • Easy Offer rotation
  • Ability to Insert from 1-4 offers per Content Protector
  • Monetize all pages !
  • Geographical targeting
  • Control ad’s distance from top of browser window
  • Color  control for overlay color
  • Control overlay opacity darkness
  • Change the Protector Box Color
  • Control delay before unlocking
  • Optional right click locking
  • Optional scrollbar locking
  • Custom “teaser” Content Protector delays
  • Control how long users have access to your protected Content
  • Allows Content Protecton on the index, pages (about, etc), categories, & searches
  • Content Protector work on almost all modern (and not-so modern) browsers
  • SEO Friendly
  • Works with new and old blogs alike


CLICK Here to See Test Blog with WPLockz Installed

Click to See Test Blog with WPLockz installed


Download Now


So…… How Exactly does it Work?

The idea is simple: people come to your page, and it looks tempting. They want to access your content or download some freebie – but HEY – Your content is locked!

Now all they need to do is just fill-in this short offer…

WPLockz lets you monetize your content by requiring users to complete CPA surveys to gain access to your content. And the nicest part is, it lets you do so even if you don’t have any content!

That’s it! So simple – yet effective. You can make any content (or non-content) work. You can offer your visitors to watch Popular Televisions shows, download mp3 or videos, get free applications or ebooks or just read the latest gossip.

Here’s an example: Say you’re looking to watch or download 24 episodes, and you come upon the following page… Click Here to see Live Demo

Honestly now, how many links did you Click?

Take the 24 episodes example – it took all of 5 minutes to create. All you need are a few alluring titles (“ALL Seasons: Regular + HD” “PLUS Bloopers and Outtakes!” etc.), a few good pics, and you don’t even have to host any content yourself because after the visitors fill in the CPA offers and unlock, they get links for a good YouTube search on  episodes and for a YouTube downloader/converter.

WPLockz enables you to easily monetize ANY content you have, or any content you can point to elsewhere on the web.

WPLockz will automatically convert  into easy CPA profits.

Let’s say you just want to protect content or give away “freebies”. 

Well WPLockz allows you monetize this !!

Click Here For another sample Blog for Protecting Content.

Easy Content Protector Configuration!


1.  Select WPLockz Protector - Choose the Protector you want to edit.

2.  WPLockz Name - Change the name of the Protector. Only you see the Name – Not your Site Visitors.

3. Block Location – Choose  geographical locations of users to block.

4. WPLockz Enabled – Enable/disable the Content Protector.

5. WPLockz Right Click – Enable/disable right click lock. If enabled, site visitors will not be able to right click while the content protector is displayed.

6. WPLockz Scrolling – Enable/disable scroll lock. If enabled, site visitors will not be able to scroll while the content protector is being displayed.

7. WPLockz Title - This is the title that is displayed at the top of the Content Protector.

8. First Paragraph - This is the first paragraph that is displayed just below the title of the Content Protector.

9. Visitor Instructions - This your instructions to your  that is displayed below the first paragraph of the Content Protector.

10. Footer Message – This is your Footer Message on the Content Protector.

11. Offer Link Text and URL - This is the Text Message and your Offer link.

12. Offer Enable/Disable Switches - These allow you to Enable or Disable additional Offers in your Content Protector.  You can ad from 1-4 offers on each individual Content Protector.

13. Distance From Top – Distance from top of the window.

14. Background Overlay Color – Select the color of the background.

15. Overlay Opacity - Select the opacity of the background.

16. Content Protector Background  Color – Select the color of the background of the Content Protector.

17. Delay Lockz – Select the amount of time to delay before the Content Protector is displayed.

18. Delay UnLockz - Select the amount of time to delay after the user clicks the link in the Content Protector.

19. UnLockz Post For – Select the amount of time to stop Content Protector from being displayed.

20. Update Lockz Content Protector  – Easy One Click update of each Content Protector.



Easy Global Configurations!


gobal Configurations

Download Now

Change the Appearance on the Fly!


With WPLockz you can easily…..

  • Change your Headline Title
  • Change The Background Color
  • Change the Color of the Protector Box
  • Update Offers
  • Change the Messages and Instructions
  • Change the Delay Settings
  • And so much more

Download Now



  • Instantly Cloak the Urls of your Blog

  • Set the Url to Hide the Referrer

  • Keep your affiliate Links hidden from your Site Visitors

  • Instantly Update your Cloaked Urls

  • Track the Number of Clicks with each Url

You can Monetize New Blogs or Get new Life into older well-indexed Blogs your started months or years ago.

WPLockz is the Right TOOL for the Job !!

What do your Get ?


  • The WPLockz Plugin
  • Our BONUS Link Cloaking Plugin
  • Step-by-step Installation Instructions
  • Intructional VIDEOS
  • Email and Forum Support
  • BONUS Themes Optimized for WPLockz
  • FREE WPLockz Plugin Updates for Life !!



referer lockz

What is Referer Lockz ?

Referer Lockz is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use WordPress plugin that will enable you to fake your referer and hide the source of your traffic. Referer Lockz is a a simple, transparent way to protect your affiliate campaigns from  prying eyes, being it the affiliate networks themselves,  advertisers and other marketers that would rather copy your campaigns than pay you.


  you will recieve REFERER LOCKZ  absolutely FREE !!


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