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Though I know the importance of SEO, I don’t have the time or even the will power to learn all I can about it and put it to use. That’s why simple, yet effective tools like this one are a life-saver. So if you wanna save time (and money), give yourself a gift that’s gonna keep on giving ya more of what you deserve…time, and room in that brain to store the stuff that actually won’t take forever to learn and keep up to date with.
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Hey all!

Well i was asked to do a review of this plugin.

The plugin is an AMAZING Powerful Feature For any website!

Just like any normal plugin, easy to install and even easier to work with.

This is Defo a Plugin we must all have for SEO purposes.

Under Each post, this plugin tells you everything!

Amazing how it keeps on updating when you start to load content into the post! CRAZY!

I’m loving it!

Now i’m not much of a SEO person, but his plugin will help alot to get things SEO optimized, just by checking each post below with this Plugin!

Ranking my sites will be an EASY thing now.

I’ve also just noticed the price: $7.33 are you guys INSANE??

This should be at least 10x that price and i would of happily of paid it!

Amazing Awesome Plugin Guys!

Thank You!!

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I had a chance to review this plugin and I can say first hand that it does exactly what it says it can do. I’ve been using WordPress to built websites for years and have pretty much mastered most everything about WordPress, and this plugin is an excellent tool to skyrocket your ranking fast!Do yourself a favor a grab this Bad Boy now!

To purchase simply click on PAYPAL BUY NOW button

and you will be taken to the PayPal Online Payment Processor.

Download is almost immediate upon successful payment online Via PayPal

If you do not have a PayPal account,


Price :10.67 USD

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