WSO Success Formula

wso Success Formula
Your Complete video Guide To Launching a Successful WSO

Would you like to know exactly how to launch a WSO and build up a list of buyers?

Maybe you’ve launched a WSO before but not had much success?

Or maybe you know some of the pieces of the jigsaw but are missing others?

Well, help is at hand!

I’ve created a series of 11 videos, totalling just over 66 minutes, that will walk you through the entire process of creating a WSO.

Everything is covered:

Video 1 shows you how to pick a Niche that is likely to be successful.

This changes over time as the internet changes but I’ll show a number of techniques that will keep you up to speed. Or you could decide to pursue an “evergreen” topic instead. That’s covered as well.

Video 2 discusses the different product formats you can use.

The WSO section has a much wider range of product types than most other markets. So as well as the normal PDF, audio and video options I’ll suggest 6 other formats that work well as WSO products.

Video 3 deals with the thorny issue of price.

Set your price too low, you’ll leave money on the table.

Set it too high and you won’t make enough sales.

Most WSOs are at the cheaper end of online pricing but there are some that go way up in price. Or have upsells that leave the $7 starting price in the dust (hint – that’s why people offer affiliates anything up to 100% commission on the front end offer).

Video 4 looks at how to create the product. It’s obviously not a full blown course on product creation (although there are plenty of us, myself included, who can help you with that) but it will set you on the right track and help you to Get your product created sooner rather than later.

Video 5 deals with the all-important autoresponder.

After all, one of the main reasons you’re running a WSO is to build a list for yourself.

Whether it’s a list of buyers or a list of people who’ve grabbed your Free WSO.

Either way, you need to make sure your autoresponder is set up properly and will keep people on your list as long as possible.

Video 6 looks at creating your sales page.

My preferred way of doing these is low key – like this page – but I’ll also show you other ways to create a professional sales page that has enough hooks to get people to buy your offer.

Video 7 examines your download page.

Mine are plain ugly HTML but I realise that most people prefer to use something easier like wordpress so I’ll show you how to do that without committing the schoolboy error of leaving the page open to anyone who searches for it on your site.

I’ll also talk about including other Offers on the download page. Hint – they get sales!

And I’ll tell you why I don’t like to leave the product delivery to Warrior Plus – it works but it’s not what customers expect.

Video 8 deals with the autoresponder signup. That’s a different process from the follow-up messages I talked about earlier.

Most of my signup pages for WSOs are standard Aweber forms, hosted by Aweber. But you can use any other service that offers the same facility.

The forms aren’t fancy – and I’ve had comments to that effect in some of my previous WSO threads – but that doesn’t matter. They do their job, which is to get the customer’s name and email address.

Video 9 deals with adding your product to Warrior Plus, one of the main WSO payment services.

I’ll tell you why I don’t like their original service and much prefer to use the Adaptive listing instead. And it’s not just because I want to save $19 at the outset. It’s because it works better for everyone concerned. 

Unless you’re selling a subscription, in which case you’re snookered and have to use the original option, pay your $19 and get “lumpy” money coming in depending on whether you or your affiliate made the sale.

Video 10 talks you through adding your thread to the Warrior Forum, waiting for approval and choosing your launch time.

There’s no “best” time to launch but I’ll tell you the times I prefer to launch and the days and times I avoid.

Video 11 is the final video in the series and talks about dealing with emails from buyers, accepting or rejecting affiliate requests, promoting other products to your list and – of course – rinsing and repeating. 

Because once you’ve done a WSO and seen some money added to your Paypal account, you’ll probably be hooked and want to do another one!

So, all that remains is for you to click the buy button.

It’s a dime sale – of course – so the longer you hesitate, the higher the price is likely to be.

But it’s a drop in the ocean compared with what you can earn from even a moderately successful WSO.

Buying, watching and then actually using these videos will get you well on the way to creating your own profitable WSO.

With an upsell, of course.

Which leads me nicely onto my upsell for this offer.

Well, actually, two upsells.

The first is access to a webinar I’m going to hold on Wednesday 3rd April. It’s not going to be the standard internet marketing webinar where I spend 15 minutes talking utter rubbish as though we’d met up for coffee, followed by 30 minutes of almost telling you what you need to know and then the final 15 minutes of hard sell. 

That’s not my style.

Instead, it will be a few minutes intro – mainly because I know from experience that not everyone runs on time – followed by around 30 to 40 minutes of me answering any questions that people have emailed me with about the main offer. There are always points that people don’t “get” or stall on. I’ll do my best to answer any that have been sent in. 

Then there’ll be a final part where you can quiz me on anything else to do with launching WSOs. 

So you’ll get the inside track on precisely what you need to know.

All those deep, dark “secrets” that you think I’m hiding. Or, more likely, the final piece of the jigsaw that’s stopping you from getting your WSO launched and profitable.

Access to the webinar (or the recording if you can’t make it live) is just $9.95, available as an upsell but by no means essential if you’d prefer to just use the main videos.

There’s also going to be a second upsell.

This one is probably a really dumb move on my part. Because it potentially creates even more competition for myself and other WSO sellers. But never mind!

The second upsell is a lot more expensive. Just shy of $100. It will be a private group of no more than 5 people. 

We’ll meet up on Skype or via webinars or email (old school but often the best way).

And for the next few weeks, I’ll help you get your WSO launched. So if you’re fast like me, that might mean you’re on the WSO section in a few days. Or if life (and Easter eggs) get in the way then it may be a bit longer.

Either way, you’ll get the hand-holding you need and the pushing and nagging as well. Which is often the only difference between success and failure – ask Microsoft (they’ve moved on a bit since the days of MS-DOS or Windows 3, I think). 

You can always release a new, improved version. But not until the first one is released!

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